Gather at Matcha Box

Renewal. Warmth. Nourishment.

Evolving from, through and into 2017

Saturday Evening January 14, 2017 from 5-6pm



One Woman’s Personal Self-healing Journey

Sachie Alessio Heath (SAH-CHEE-AY) will share how she learned to listen to her body’s specific messages and find ways to restore imbalances related to hormones, fertility, thyroid, migraines weight and mood.

Fed-up with non-answers from medical doctors unable to address her particular concerns, Sachie took matters into her own hands through self study, trial and error,  research and foray into holistic and Eastern medicine. Over time she learned how to use food, movement, bodywork and intentions to improve her health and create a vibrant “food-print” template for her and her husband at home.

Join us as we gather round the bar for a 30 minute talk followed by group share and Q and A.


Sachie is a #W3RDST local. She drinks matcha lattes at Matcha Box and does pilates at Carrie’s Pilates. She and her husband will be in the midst of a 30-day detox on the 14th. Sachie is a teacher, student, performer and seeker.


One day at Matcha Box Alissa said, “Hey Sachie, you know so much. Would you come in and tell your story?” And she said, “YES.”

January is a time of renewal and gathering momentum from last year into the new year. This is a perfect time to share stories and learn from each other.


Sat Jan 14th 5-6PM


Matcha Box
8036 West 3rd St, 90048
b/Crescent Heights and Edinburgh, next to I LOVE NAILS


We are friends talking among friends about personal experiences. This is not a medically endorsed program. Come early for lattes and tea. All in-store sales will be 10% off.



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